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What is it ?


Over the years we have found that many people don’t know exactly what interpreting involves.

Translation is a more familiar activity which everyone understands to a degree.

Interpreting, though, is easily confused, and there are many people, for example, who don’t realise there are different forms of interpreting, and that some require the use of technical equipment.

It is very important for a client to make the right decision about the interpreting service they need, as this can mean considerable savings and a higher quality service for their own clients or partners.

And so we would always advise you to give us a call so we can go over what you will need in each case.

The aim here is to give you a general idea with a few brief descriptions.

Simultaneous interpreting

Everyone will have seen some film or news item featuring people in glass booths with headphones over their ears at an international convention or a United Nations address.

And that is what really happens. If you need to organise a convention or meeting with international members or partners, the best way to save time and ensure that everyone understands the speakers’ message and the questions from the audience is simultaneous interpreting. This means you can have interpreters working discreetly in different languages to facilitate communication.

To do so you will also need a series of technical elements and a sound engineer so that the audience receive a perfect audio signal.

On other occasions, such as a course, a shorter meeting or with a smaller audience, or if you need to move around with your guests (on a factory tour, for example), it might not be necessary to set up a booth. In this case we can turn to a mobile interpreting service, with each attendee being given a receiver device and headset, while the interpreters are equipped with a transmitter and microphone so that all those in attendance hear the translation perfectly.

Give us a call and we will analyse your case to offer you the best option for each occasion.

Consecutive interpreting

Sometimes there is no need to set up a booth: at a trial, for example, a meeting attended by just one or two people who don’t speak the same language or a press conference, where the time factor is not so important.

In this case our interpreter accompanies the presenter or whoever is speaking at the time, listens carefully to them and takes notes in a special format, and once they have finished speaking, consults their notes and translates what the speaker said into the target language.

Precision can be vital in such cases. In the case of a trial, for example, where a witness or the defendant is giving evidence. Every word matters, and our interpreters are perfectly qualified to convey the message with the required clarity, reliability and care.

Liaison interpreting

In some cases clients don’t need any great paraphernalia, but someone to keep their guest, partner or colleague up to speed with what is going on, accompanying them to different locations.

This is when “liaison” interpreting is used.

At the presentation of an exhibition, for example, press interviews, a gala event or dinner… In this case the interpreter will combine consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting (using the technique known as chuchotage, where the interpreter whispers into the client’s ear what the speakers or the video soundtrack are saying, for example), together with liaison interpreting per se, which involves translating what each individual says after they have spoken, as with consecutive interpreting, but in a fluent, conversational, question&answer format rather than speeches or presentations, and without taking notes.

Concierge services

Over the course of our years of experience in Madrid we have found that we can also offer further added value.

Foreign clients will sometimes visit Spain, for personal or professional reasons, and are grateful for someone who can handle all the admin for them: transport to and from the airport, hotel and restaurant bookings, recommendations as to places to visit, etc.

And if they are here to hold meetings with a number of individuals or to visit different companies, they may also need an interpreter/guide to help them find their way around the city, as well as to understand the people they are meeting, of course.

If you find yourself in such a situation, just give us a call and we will set to work to organise the perfect trip for you, in line with your requirements and budget.