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Other services

Translation and interpreting are our core activities, but we also offer other services connected with languages and communication.

We are aware that audiovisual media are increasingly important in companies’ internal and external communication.

We can offer you voiceover services in Spanish for any language you might need for your videos.

We can also transcribe audiovisual materials and subtitle your presentations or videos in any language.

Our clients will also often have their material perfectly laid out in one language, and need an equally impeccable presentation in another language. This is where our DTP service comes in, with all the skills to adapt the format and provide the perfect finished document.

Improving Translation, though, always aims to go one step further. We never tire of saying that our goal is to help and accompany you along the way, and in all your successes too, of course.

So give us a call if you have any project that you aren’t quite sure how to tackle. We will offer advice and find the best solution for you.



Give us your videos or audio recordings in any language and we will transcribe them.

And if you also want to translate content, then we will of course be delighted to quote for the whole job.


In a world where more and more digital content is being used, many companies develop programs and applications that they want to roll out to other countries and regions.

We can translate your content in different formats to streamline the workload so your programmers don’t waste time uploading translated content.

Call us if you have any program or application you would like to translate into one or more languages. We will not only translate the content, but also adapt it for your target audience and deliver the job in whatever format you prefer, so all you need to do is apply the finishing touches.


Now that companies have a growing interest in making their content accessible and easier to share, subtitles are becoming more popular.

From corporate videos to documentaries and advertising materials, we can handle subtitles in the same or other languages, to make things easier to understand for people with hearing disabilities or for a foreign audience.